Having years of experience in this domain, Jaivik is the prominent manufacturers of Plant Growth Stimulator. We are offering these products that are natural liquids of sea algae and normally known as Sea Weed Extract. plant growth stimulators manufacturer are arrangements of gibberellins, regular plant development hormones. These are eco agreeable and don’t hurt the plant. They can likewise be considered safe items for plants, people groups, and pets.

Organic Plant Growth Stimulator Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Andhra-Pradesh, Madhya-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattishgarh

Our offered stimulators contain Carboxylic Acid, Amino Acid, Nitro Benzene, and Emulsifier. The yield of blossom will be expanded and early or pre-dropping of blooms will be stopped by utilizing these stimulators. These can be utilized when required for plant development. The measurements ordinarily used to empower foods grown from the ground development are 0.6-0.7 ml for every liter of water. With the help of the technology up-gradation, dynamism and innovation, we are advancing by keeping up convenience in delivering a huge array of Plant Growth Stimulator manufacturer India.

Specification of Plant Growth Stimulator


Carboxylic Acid, Amino Acid, Brassinolide and other Best Products


To increase number of flowers and to prevents pre-dropping of fruits & flowers with highly increase size of fruits and flowers


 0.3 to 0.4 ml per Liter of water

Recommended Crop

Any Field Crops and/or Horticultural Crops

Bulk Packing Available

  200 Lt HDPE containers


Mix with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR

Pack In

HDPE bottles

Packing Available

500 ml / 1 l / 5 l

Organic Plant Growth Stimulator

Leveraging on our extensive market knowledge and experienced team members, we are providing a premium quality assortment of Organic Plant Growth Stimulator. These offered Organic Plant Growth Stimulator guide in enhancing the plant yield and to improve the nature of yield created by the plant. These products are totally sheltered and don’t demonstrate any evil impacts on the plants. Reasonable for both the vegetables and natural product giving plants, we are offering the items like Organic Plant Growth Regulator, Humic Acid 95% WSG and so on under this class.

With the support of the qualified, experienced and talented experts are included in the arrangement of our offered promoters for quick and quality plant development. Besides, the propelled machines utilized and quality information sources utilized as a part of the generation procedure empower us in keeping up predominant principles for our items in the market.

Specification of Organic Plant Growth Stimulator


Amino acid 10-20%, Sea extract 6-8% Vitamins 100ppm, harmones 200 ppm.


To use for healthy growth, chlorophyll enhance, flowering and fruiting.

Recommended Crops

Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops


25 ml per 15 liter of water

Application Time

At any time


Compatible with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/PGR

Pack in

HDPE bottles

Packing Available

250 ml/500 ml / 1 Lt / 5 Lt/20 lt.

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