Cease Bio Fungicide

Empowered with the team of expert professional, we are manufacturing the Cease Bio Fungicide which is an aqueous suspension bio fungicide with proven effectiveness in controlling a huge assortment of both fungal and bacterial pathogens, while providing outstanding plant and environmental safety. Our offered Cease Bio fungicide can be utilized as a foliar shower and soil splash on ornamentals, trees, bushes, blooming plants and nursery yields and vegetables developed under cover. It is a huge range of bio fungicide focusing on regular contagious and bacterial maladies, for example, Botrytis, Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas, Erwinia, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot and Speck, Anthracnose and Rust.

Key Benefits

  • Very good and quick action fungicide
  • Uniform size small particles quickly absorb in to cell tube of fungus and control the fungus quickly
  • Particles degradation is slowly so it controls for long duration
  • Spraying on oilseed crops like groundnut, mustard, soybean etc helps to improve oil percentage and numbers of grains
  • Very small particle size so has very good contact acaricide action usage on cereals crops during booting stage helps to increase yield

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