We are top notch manufacturer and exporter of the affiliated organic source of info such as Organic fertilizer, Organic Bio Fungicide, Bio Pesticide, Organic Plant Promoter and many more. We are offering organic solutions in all over Gujarat, Maharashtra, and many other states with various crop patterns and environmental situations. With the years of experience and have a long time experienced by the experts and is hugely used for the protection of plants and crops from Fungus and insects and many more other impurities which are more harmful. Bio fungicide is known for their uneven match quality.

We are leading Bio Fungicide manufacturer in Gujarat in each village or every area like – Mandal, Sanand, Dholka, Barwala, Babra, amreli, Savar Kundla, Rajula, Umreh, Khambhat, Dantiwada, Vadgam, Deodar, Bhavnagar, Mahuva, Limkheda, Mansa, Lalpur, Lakhpat, Kheda, Mahudha, Kheralu, Nandod, Navsari, Maliya, Gondal, Bhiloda.


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