Bio larvicide is a natural item which is useful to target the larval existence of creepy crawlies. This kind of larvicides is hatchling executioner which is produced using regular substances. We are an eminent manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of Bio Larvicide in Ahmedabad. This 100 % naturally determined material has actually happened with wild plant leaves removes. This material is, for the most part, used to lessen the hazard of mosquitoes and jungle fever. Our item ranges are extremely easy to understand and make no harm to the skin. 

Bio Larvicide Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Andhra-Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra

Larvicide is an insecticide that is 100% naturally gotten material from the wild plant leaves removes corrosive, alkaloids and staying specialist. This bio larvicide manufacturer material is widely utilized bio agro item that points the larval life phase of a creepy crawly, keeping in mind the end goal to reduce the risk of mosquitoes in green houses, gardens and indoor plants. This bio larvicide is accessible in various details to coordinate the application requirements of little-scale prerequisite and in addition expansive scale necessity.

Specification of Bio Larvicide


Oil of wild plant seeds, Fatty acid, alkaloids and sticking agent


To control all types of larva, army worm, boll worm, root worm and heliothis etc.


1.0 to 1.35 ml per liter of water

Recommended Crops

Any field crops and horticultural crops

Used as on

 At the time of disease


Mix with all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR

Pack In

Aluminum bottle / HDPE bottles


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