Inspected years ago in this domain, Jaivik crop care LLP is considered to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of Bio Bactericide. We are offering an advanced assortment of Bio Bactericide which is biological organisms which are used to kill or inhibit fungal growth or spore formations. These are non poisonous items and have high bactericidal and fungicidal activity. Our R and D have demonstrated that microscopic organisms and plant parasites are not ready to develop resistance against these items even after long term utilization.

Bio Bactericide Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Andhra-Pradesh, Uttar-Pradesh, Madhya-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Bihar

The bio Bactericide is much utilized for paddy and vegetables. It resembles a crystalline white powder which 99% immaculateness and water solvent substances. It can be utilized as splash likewise and very having dynamic antimicrobial compound. It is generally utilized as bio bactericide and bio fungicide in horticulture application to develop more natural vegetables. Our products can be availed at the most reasonable price from us.

Specification of Bio Bactericide


Microbial, Biochemical, BacteriPlus is extremely active against phytopathogenic bacteria and effectively controls various bacterial diseases of different crop. It is recommended both as prophylactic as well as curative.


200 – 250 ml per acre (2ml per Lit of water). Repeat at 12-15 days interval. May be tank mixed with commonly used fungicides and insecticides.


Repellents, Bio pesticide


Insect Control, Disease Control, Bacteria Plus is a tough breed bacteria deterrent on toughest bacteria.



Organic Bactericide

We are considered to be one of the renowned manufacturer and supplier of Organic Bactericide. The Organic Bactericide, offered by us, is an perfect natural anti-infection, utilized for curing bacterial maladies like Leaf Blight, Black arm Canker, Angular Leaf Spots, Seedling Blight, and so on. We source the organic bactericide manufacturer from the guaranteed makers of the market. The Organic Bactericide is reasonable for every plant, vegetable and field crops. We offer Organic Bactericide according to clients’ necessities with on-time conveyance.

Organic Bactericide Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Gujarat, Andhra-Pradesh, Uttar-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala

Although the effects of biological control have long been observed, the mechanisms by which antagonists achieve control are not completely understood. Several methods have been observed: some antagonists produce antibiotics that kill or reduce the number of closely related pathogens; some are parasites on pathogens; and others simply compete with pathogens for available food. Organic Bactericide otherwise called disinfectants is a substance that eliminates microorganisms and is disinfectants, germ-killers or anti-microbial. Our bactericides are of high caliber and safe in utilizing. Just a couple of enemies have been created particularly for use in plant-infection control. Numerous more particular opponents are being explored and hold much guarantee for future control of infection.

Organic Bactericide Exporter in Indian Market:

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